Wednesday, August 21, 2013

From Playroom to Schoolroom...

This had to have been one of my most FAVORITE home projects ever. I got to turn the kid's playroom into a schoolroom. It's my dream to start from a clean slate-nothing in the room but white walls and carpet. I wish I could pull out the carpet, but that's just not possible right now lol. I wanted to share the pictures of our complete overhaul of the room. I can't get the kids out of here!!


Future geography area for our postcard swap, busy bag center, and manipulatives and craft supplies.

Future reading nook (in closet), white board, and wall decor.

Future kid's reading center, supply pitchers, wall decor, and educational posters.


The view from the kid's table.

My area with my desk, book shelf with curriculum, extra supplies like my laminator, paper drawers (I'm so excited about this, we have foam paper in the top drawer, felt sheets in the second, scratch paper and scraps, folder paper, and computer paper in the third, and construction paper of every color in the fourth. To the left of that is the kid's manipulatives center and extra craft supplies. The three blank corkboards in the back is for artwork display and pictures.

Here is our Letter of the Week wall so our son can place his letters that we've completed on his own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom inspired tree. To the left of that is the reading nook.

Here's a better shot of the reading nook. Our oldest loves it in there :) I have to admit, it's pretty darn comfortable with all those pillows!!

This is our busy bag center. Whenever our son is finished with his work or it's time for me to help his older sister, here's where I send him :) We have busy bags for all three children. To the right of that is a little shot of our wall map for our geo center.

Here's the supply pitchers!! The pitchers were $1/each from Walmart and the curtain rod was $2.50. Score!! Here, we hold crayons, pencils/colored pencils, markers, glue, scissors, and dry erase pens. It's so convenient for the kids to come up and grab whatever it is they want. And there's plenty enough for everyone!

I hope you love our homeschool transformation as much as we do. If you'd like to see more or have any questions about where we got our stuff (I'm a HUGE bargain shopper and my whole room was very competitively priced), please feel free to send me an email to Or just comment, I'll be sure to get back to you.


  1. I am so glad I came across your blog! We are starting our first year of homeschooling and are in the process of turning our (chaotic) playroom into a classroom. This gives me so many ideas! :) Looking forward to reading your blog regularly!

  2. That's so awesome! Congrats on the decision to homeschool! If you need any help with ideas or wanna know more about where we got anything in our room, just send me a message :) I'd love to help!